Group Term Life Insurance

How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need?

Even after you’re gone, you will be able to help protect the financial security of your loved ones with APSIT Group Term Life Insurance. When you determine how much life insurance you need, take your family’s current standard of living into account. Your income, work benefits, and any outstanding debt should also be considered. If you provide care for your children and make repairs around the house, don’t forget to keep these factors in mind as well.

With APSIT Group Term Life Insurance, you'll have access to the following benefits:

  • Apply for up to $1,500,000 of member coverage and $750,000 of spouse coverage
  • Coverage amounts for you and your spouse will automatically reduce as you and your spouse age according to the following schedule:
    1. At age 60, coverage amounts over $150,000 will be reduced to $150,000;
    2. At age 65, all coverage amounts will be reduced by half of the age 60 amount and;
    3. At age 70, all coverage amounts will be reduced to the lesser of half of the age 65 amount or to $25,000
  • Affordable, highly competitive rates
  • Premiums can be waived if you’re totally disabled
  • No exclusions: After coverage is validly in force for two years, benefits are payable for death from any cause, at any time, anywhere in the world (subject to U.S. government regulations on restricted countries)
  • Portable coverage: Maintain your valuable APSIT Group Term Life Insurance protection throughout your career, no matter where it takes you
  • Living Benefit Option (“Accelerated Death Benefit”): Enables you to apply for a portion of your benefits if you qualify as being terminally ill, subject to certain policy restrictions and limitations. These benefits are paid directly to you, and you may spend them any way you wish (See information and rates for more details.)


Members of the American Institute of Physics' Member and Affiliated Societies are eligible to purchase insurance through APSIT. If you are under age 65 and a resident of the United States* (excluding U.S. territories), Puerto Rico, or Canada (excluding Quebec), you're eligible to apply for $10,000 to $1,500,000 member coverage (in multiples of $10,000) of APSIT Group Term Life Insurance.** You may also apply for $10,000 to $750,000 spouse coverage (in multiples of $10,000) of term life coverage for your lawful spouse.

Each unmarried, dependent child from age 14 days through 22 years (24 for full-time students) may also be insured for $10,000. A dependent who is a member of an American Institute of Physics' Member or Affiliated Society is eligible for either member or dependent coverage, but not both. Please note: The maximum amount of life insurance in force for combined New York Life Insurance Company group policies may not exceed $1,500,000 per insured association member.

* Certain state eligibility restrictions apply. Not available to residents of VT, U.S. Territories (except Puerto Rico), and Quebec.
** Coverage terminates at age 80.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate the rate on an APSIT Group Life Insurance Plan?
Premium contributions for both the member and spouse are based on the member's age and increase as the member grows older. Premiums may be periodically increased on plans to reflect plan utilization and help ensure their financial stability.

Can my spouse obtain separate coverage?

When will my coverage become effective?
For some plans, coverage becomes effective within a few days of receiving your application. For others, the process is longer because of required medical underwriting procedures. The "underwriting process" depends on many factors including the number of persons to be insured, their ages, the amount of coverage for which you apply, your medical history and that of your family members (if requesting dependent coverage), and the type of coverage requested.

Do I have to take a medical exam, blood test, or other health analysis?
You may need to undergo medical testing depending on the plan you are requesting, your age, the amount of coverage for which you apply, and your individual medical history.

Can coverage continue if I am out of the country?
Call the Plan Administrator for more details, as coverage varies depending on the plan.

Who is the carrier on the Group Term Life Insurance Plan?
The APSIT Group Term Life Insurance Plan is underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company under policy form G-29068-0.

Who administers the program?
The APSIT Group Insurance Program is administered by Pearl Insurance. Pearl Insurance strives to provide APSIT Group Insurance Program participants with the most relevant, competitively priced member benefit insurance packages for individuals and their families.

Who recommends/approves benefit changes or premium changes?
The insurance companies reserve the right to change rates. They usually report "plan experience" (or the number and size of claims made) twice a year and, if applicable, rate action recommendations. Using this information, the Plan Administrator works with APSIT to evaluate the recommendations and decide what, if any, action (i.e. a rate action, a change in benefits, or even a change in insurance companies) is appropriate to maintain each plan's financial stability and competitive status. APSIT ultimately approves the action, and insured participants are advised of their decision prior to implementation.